Posy cotton scrubbies for exfoliation or use in place of cotton wool with a muslin cloth

one cotton exfoliator and two cotton scrubbies to replace cotton wool

Scrubby bundle with exfoliator, two cotton scrbbies and a muslin cloth



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Use scrubbies instead of cotton wool. The bundle includes:

  • Exfoliator: use this with your favourite cleanser once a week to scrub off the dead skin
  • 2 x cotton scrubbies:: good for make up removal and applying toner
  • Muslin cloth: good for a pamper, great as a facecloth and amazing to cool you down – cold cloth on your temple.

Easy to wash and reuse again and again. The colours of the scrubbies may differ, so if you want a specific colour let us know and we will try and do our best.


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