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Christmas Foaming Bath Salts

Fancy a little treat for you or a loved one. These foaming bath salts in the festive box are a perfect little gift for you to indulge in an luxurious bathing experience. Bubbles and bath salts.

The moisturising foam revives skin and the muscle soak bath salts revive fatigued muscles for a restorative bathing experience

Simply add a handful to your bath,  breathe in and let the therapy begin.

Indulging frankincense and orange truly smells like you are in a spa.

Reviving ginger and mint will uplift your mood and clear your head.

Foaming bath salts the best of both worlds enjoy bubbles while soaking in therapeutic bath salts

These are 50g and will last for 2-4 baths. Use 10g or a small handful. Price is £5.00 LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE

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