What happened when I used my soap bar as a shampoo bar

What happened when I used my soap bar as a shampoo bar

I wanted to ditch the plastic bottles and I eyed up my soap bar. It foams, it cleans, so why not just use that on my hair. So I did, it worked up a nice lather and rubbed the bar onto my hair and it gave the satisfying scent and bubbles. I rinsed my hair off and it felt like rubber. So I rinsed some more then though oh well conditioner will help. Slathered on the conditioner rinsed it.

I have curly hair and it used to be that some days I could get a brush through it easily and other days not so much. After this wash it was one of those not so much day. I finally managed to brush my hair and left it to dry. It dried all greasy. Ugh how annoying but it was ok as I wasn’t seeing anyone that day. The next day I resorted back to my usual bottle of shampoo and after a few days and a few washes my hair was back to normal again. Yes it took some time for it to be non- greasy.

I then did a course in organic hair care products and learnt the science behind shampoo and conditioner bars and how to make a great bar. So I now know why soap doesn’t work. The ingredients which are used to make soap give you a bar where the PH is in the alkaline range. Our skin and hair are acidic. Skin is a living organ and will bounce back but hair is actually not living. So that’s why when you see shampoos advertised as being PH balanced it is actually a great benefit. Hair needs a lower PH to be healthy. The ingredients  used to make soap means soap will never have a low enough PH.

Shampoo bars are made with surfactants - liquid shampoos are made from surfactants and water - surface acting agents - some are the perfect PH and you can also use ingredients to lower the PH. Shower gels are typically made from surfactants too. Shampoo in bottles are 70-80% water, so that’s why a shampoo bar makes sense to me. Same lovely ingredients, plus you can add hair loving butters and oils, no plastic bottle and the perfect PH for your hair. Thats why POSY shampoo bars can make your hair feel shiny, soft and lovely after one wash. The same research on ingredients has gone into our conditioner bars. Some people don’t need a conditioner but my curly hair definitely loves and needs one. I now typically wash my hair once to twice a week and use a conditioner bar on the other days.

Shampoo bars typically cost more than a soap bar because of the ingredients that are used. Soap ingredients are cheaper. The surfactants used in the POSY bar are based on coconut. If you get told to bear with the transition phase or rinse your hair in apple cider vinegar you know its a soap bar as the apple cider vinegar is being used to lower the PH.

You really don’t have to put up with greasy hair you can use a shampoo bar that is just as effective as a bottle of shampoo and not only will you reap the benefits of a shampoo or conditioner bar that works, but also can enjoy it guilt-free without harming the environment. I can now brush my hair everyday and the brush glides through it and my curls are curly.